Before Surgery

To expedite your check-in process, we need to receive your registration information prior to your procedure.  We have provided online registration for your convenience.  If you are unable to provide your information online, please be certain to complete the paperwork provided by your physician’s office.  If either the online registration or the paperwork provided by your physician’s office is not completed at the time of your arrival, you may experience a time delay in going back to the pre-op area.

A health history nurse will call you prior to your surgery to collect information about your health to expedite your admission process.

It is important for you to follow these guidelines before surgery to prevent delay or cancellations.

Food and Drink
Do not eat food or drink anything after midnight the night before your surgery unless directed differently by your doctor.  You may brush your teeth the morning of surgery, but be sure not to swallow water or toothpaste.  Do not chew gum or eat hard candy or mints the morning of your surgery.  You may take your daily medications the morning of surgery with as little water as possible unless otherwise indicated by your physician or our staff.  Children under the age of 12 have special fasting instructions.  Please refer to the Special Care For Children section for these guidelines.

Do not drink alcohol for at least 12 hours before your arrival.

o not smoke after midnight the night before your surgery.

Makeup, Nail Polish, Jewelry (including body jewelry)
Please remove all these items before surgery.

Wear loose, casual, comfortable clothing to fit over dressings.

Please leave valuables at home.  This includes jewelry, cell phone, and cash.  You will, however, need to bring your photo ID and insurance card, Medicaid, or other medical assistance documentation.

Notify the Center & Your Surgeon if:

What You Need the Day of the Surgery: